Emz Finch Art Joanna Nicole Photography

These trees are so important to Emz - they are helping her recover from PTSD after two miscarriages during lockdown in the UK.  She's not ready for the original oil paintings to be sold, and anyway, they are being kept for a very special installation she's planning which you'll all be invited to in due course.  In the meantime, she's found an amazing Fine Art printer who is producing Fine Art Prints of these trees on beautiful Hahnemühle Hemp paper (60% Hemp, 40% Cotton).  This paper is the NUTS.  It has museum-grade properties - i.e. it lasts a LONG time, and it also feels heavenly.  She's tried very hard to capture the essence of each tree - the emotion in the trunk, the fun in the leaves/blossom and the calmness in the sky.


She wants to use these trees to help others, just like trees have helped her.  So 5% of each print sold will be going to organisations who help people who have experienced loss during covid.  Organisations she will be supporting through the sale of these trees include:

Beder UK


The Worst Girl Gang

Miscarriage Association