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This beautiful silver birch is one of Emz's favourite trees and it grows on Cannon Hill Common, opposite her house.  It was resplendent with its silver trunk and beautiful green leaves early in the spring and was an important painting that Emz created on a night when she was dealing with some tricky emotions around feeling lost and wanting a project to focus on.  Not long after painting this, she dreamt up the idea of the Look Up Trees installation and has not looked back.


Pre-order this 30 x 30cms Fine Art Giclee Print edition, which is created on Hahnemuhle Hemp paper, made with natural fibres (60% Hemp, 40% Cotton). It is sold unframed.  Delivery in the UK will be included in the price and made within 6-8 week of ordering.  For delivery outside the UK, contact Emz on to discuss P&P.

Looking up a Silver Birch to Future Goals

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