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Alice is joined by Emily (or Emz) Finch an artist and mother from London to discuss the power nature, but also how finding a really strong driver in your work can propel your ideas.

Trigger warning, we mention miscarriage briefly as this is the start of Emily’s story and project.


The work Emily is doing now was prompted by a particular moment after a difficult series of personal experiences. Emily has found the power of nature to has helped with her PTSD flashbacks and has an ambition to build an installation that will hopefully start conversations about loss during COVID and will offer a multi-sensual space to explore the healing quality of trees and nature and reflect on what we all might have lost during this difficult time at a point the world is starting to emerge from lockdown.


This is an inspiring story - on a personal level, and for artists I hope this will encourage you that sharing what you can have such a positive impact in the world.... look what started from that painted pebble!




Emily’s website: www.emzfinchart.co.uk

If you want to talk to Emily about this project, do get in touch via her website. Do this and hear more about the project by singing up to her newsletter


Tickets for Somerset House - https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/london-design-biennale-2021


More about the Forest for change https://forestforchange.globalgoals.org/

Faith Douglas - https://www.faithdouglas.co.uk/


If you have been affected by miscarriage, Tommy’s, the miscarriage association are just two of the amazing organisations that can give support.


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