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"One of the only ways an artist can give their love is through their work"
Maggie Hamblin

What I love the most about the commissions I paint, are the stories behind them.  Here's a tiny selection of some recent ones.

Salcombe Harbour

Oil on Canvas, 90 x 120 cms. This commission of Salcombe Harbour now resides in the main bedroom of a beautiful flat on Fore Street in the middle of the town. What a joy to paint!

Trittenheim comission

Oil on Board 18 x 24 cms. This very special commission is of the Trittenheim area of Germany, a place my clients fell in love. This was given to a wonderful husband and was the beginning of a very special journey which saw the family move from London to this magical place!

Beach commission for john

Oil on Dibond, 60 x 80 cms. This beach scene is based on an image of Woolacombe Bay in Devon. It now has pride of place in a fireplace in the Isle of Wight with the amazing John - my pen friend during COVD.

Whitstable for harriet 2

Oil on Board, 40 x 50 cms. This beautiful sunrise over Whitstable Harbour was commissioned by the amazing Harriet @spacemasks. She has it in pride of place in her office in London, to remind her of her favourite place.

Wimbledon christmas commission

Oil on Board, 18 x 24 cms This painting of a house in Wimbledon was commissioned by a darling husband for his wife for Christmas 2020 when the family was unable to make it back to Wimbledon during COVID.

Tree commission

Oil on Board, 10 x 15 cms. This gold-embellished tree was commissioned by an amazing gentleman to give to his wife, just because! A true pleasure to paint

Italian Villa commission for Harriet I

Oil on Board 18 x 24 cms. This painting of an Italian villa was commissioned as a thank you gift for the owners of the villa for a stay during the summer of 2021.

My process

Commissioning a painting from me starts with a quick call to find out the story behind the  work and I ask for photos to be sent for me to review.  I'll provide you with the standard sizes and prices and then once we agree on a size and composition, I book some studio time and get painting. For pieces smaller than 50 cms, I paint with no financial obligation.  If you don't love the result, you don't get it.  It's really important to me as I truly believe that the love I put into my work needs to be loved in return.


Depending on how busy my commission book is, I aim to start each painting within 3-4 weeks of taking the order and drying time is somewhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on how thick the oil paint is.

What you get

I'll deliver you a oil painting, a certificate of authentication which includes the title, story behind the piece, cleaning instructions and my signature.  I'll also include D-Hooks and hanging chord so you're free to hang it as soon as it arrives.


All my paintings are provided unframed.  I do have a wonderful framer locally, so happy to discuss if required.

Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

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