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Horses for courses

I can't believe it but I'm actually writing this from my NEW STUDIO! It's been about 12 years in the making, but I finally have a room to call my own, full of paint, brushes, tools, ideas and play. I am in second heaven.

And it's taken a quite considerable effort to get here, so I've been off the radar, or at least not updating my website/blog/social media. But now I'm in, there's really no excuse, so I thought I'd update you on where I am.

A year on from first putting this site live and my art has become almost unrecognisable. Following an intensive course at the London Fine Art Studios to really hone my fine art skills, I'm now most of the way through a Californian course called the Creative Visionary Programme, run by a fascinating man, Nicholas Wilton. It is no understatement to say that so far (in week 8 of 12) I've had more ah-ha moments than I have in my whole life put together. It's exciting to see my work changing before me, so absolutely. I'm in a frenzy of painting - every available hour, when I'm not being a mum, I spend feverishly sanding down boards and adding new layers of paint. And I've also changed my medium of choice (at least for now) to acrylic. I always thought acrylic to be too unmanageable and dull, but with the right mediums and a bit of skill, it's proving to be a really fun and fast-paced material to use.

Looking forward, I'm giving myself the summer to paint and getting down to business in September, with my first ever open studio on 21st and 22nd September as part of the Merton Arts Festival. I'm on the organising committee, so it will be all hands to the pump in the run up to that... so I had better get painting!

A Room with a view

Acrylic and mixed media on board

12' x 12'

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