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Going Public

At the risk of sounding like my Granny, I can't really believe where the last few months have gone!

Martha turned 1 two weeks ago and the obligatory party/cake/family days out were so much fun. And it's not just my lovely ankle-biter that's been keeping me busy. In the last couple of months I've moved house, started (ANOTHER) home renovation and officially left my job (SOB). It didn't really hit home that I'm no longer going to be working with my incredibly talented TV family again until the 1st October, when I was officially unemployed. I'm gutted that we couldn't find a flexible solution, but I know that it's all for the best. Being a Mum is a hard and much overlooked job that I'm working out, slowly but surely.

I've been beavering away at my painting every night and am really starting to love the results. My colour palette has changed - I'm out of my neon pink phase but I think we ALL have to go through a pink phase, right?!?

With my first exhibition due to open on 30th October at @sproutarts in Tooting (do pop into the gallery on 6th November if you're around as I'll be manning the fort that day), I've also been solving many framing challenges - it's harder than you might think to source reasonably priced framing - but I've hit on an online solution that is working for my timeframes!

And my unframed canvasses still have a hint of the pink around the edges of the canvas... phew!

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