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No pressure, no diamonds

How is it July already?!

It's been a busy few weeks of practice, both sketching and painting and also building up my following on Instagram by posting some of my work regularly. With the current heatwave upon us, it has taken quite a bit of determination to put on my painting gear at 8pm and get down to painting. And I have to admit that not all my efforts have been successful - I feel like I've rubbed off more paint this week than kept. But it's all good learning experience. I have, however, felt the need to start setting some goals to get myself past just painting.

I've been offered the opportunity to work with an executive coach to help me get my head straight and goals sorted. Having only had one session so far and it was really surreal to hear someone play back their thoughts and suggestions on your life - it helps to clear through all the crap and focus on what really matters. And for me, that will be making a living from my painting and sketching and clarifying the steps that I need to take to get there.

There are three main pillars emerging from my work so far:

1. Abstract landscape oil paintings featuring bright, pop'y colours

2. Toy sketches - I've been playing about with drawing Martha's toys and I think that they will lend themselves nicely to limited edition prints for nurseries. I'll also offer personalisation of these and commissions of specific special toys...

3. Child Portraits - done from photos with graphite on paper, these would also make lovely presents.

I'm excited about the next few weeks whilst I get pieces framed, photographed and get this website live. It's time to see what people think and whether they like enough to buy.

And that's not a little terrifying!

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