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Landscape of Memories

In this series from 2019, Emz is painted her way through landscapes that remind her of her childhood.  She became suddenly disabled with arthritis aged 18, so much of her work is of countryside views which remind her of long walks and runs, harking back to a time when she could do them.


Using mindful techniques before painting, Emz used to light scented candles and start each paint session with a short meditation to really hone these thoughts and feelings.  This series is painted on acrylic on both birch wood, canvas and aluminium.  Working in series of up to six paintings at a time, she moves along her painting wall, moving from one painting to the next, building up to twenty layers of paint on each piece.  Everything in the studio is adapted to help with her arthritis - including wheelie chairs, low-hanging painting walls, painting trolley which holds all her paint, brushes and her trusty water sprayer!

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