Embracing the changes of a Global Pandemic in paint

Tricia Moss

Tricia is a Wimbledon based contemporary abstract artist.  Her paintings are bold, bright, textured, rich in colour, optimistic and dynamic.  They are inspired by the elements and the big outdoors - air, wind, sea, rain, space, and ever-changing light both throughout each day but also each season. 

DURING 2020... "I produced a painting a day for the #100dayproject on Instagram, which happened to coincide with the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  They were small works on paper.  Subconsciously these works were more colourful, possibly as an antidote to the gloom and doom being reported daily.  I was feeling huge empathy for all those suffering from the pandemic, other natural disasters, and government induced turmoil.  Nobody on this entire planet was going to avoid a shift in some form or another.  


The message in those paintings was about daring to be optimistic about a brighter future.  My daily walks in the green spaces in London helped me enormously, providing time for reflection, and thoughts about how to embrace change.


These newer, larger works, were painted with these things in mind.  About seeing beyond the here and now, and of acceptance that change is inevitable and can be embraced."

Tricia Moss and Emz Finch both work out of their home studios within a couple of miles of one another in South London. During the lockdown of 2020, they each started creating work specifically in reaction to being locked down and locked in. They came together to plan this exhibition, Embracing Change, showcasing the uplifting, stimulating approach taken by each artist, daring to be optimistic during these challenging times.  Planning for a November 2020 exhibition in the Norman Plastow Gallery in Wimbledon Village, COVID-19 once again reared it's ugly head and sadly postponed the live event until Spring 2021...


HOWEVER.  Embracing more changes, Emz and Tricia are now releasing the below 16 pieces of their work for sale in November in anticipation of their 2021 live exhibition.  To purchase any of these, simply email Emz or Tricia to arrange payment and postage.


Emz Finch

Emz's work is strongly influenced by nature and the great outdoors, having grown up on a National Trust farm on the Stourhead estate. She has a particular interest in impressionism and likes to make paintings that focus on bold colour and a striking marks.

DURING 2020..."I started feeling desperate to go to the green spaces in London, which I'd taken for granted over the last 13 years.  I started to paint them in March and was soon overwhelmed with the number of amazing green spaces all around me. And, for the first time in a long time, people were really celebrating their access to green space in London.  I spent hours walking on my local common, painting it, and posting these paintings to local social media sites.  Within days these paintings had sold, and I had people contacting me to commission paintings of landscapes that are special to their loved ones, landscapes that cannot be reached during COVID restrictions. 


Between April and September I completed over 30 commissions of small paintings to celebrate love, loss or just to connect people with the places they miss.  Throughout this time, when I had the time, I would get down the landscapes of #GreenLondon that I love, afterall, these are places that have been celebrated so much more since we have been locked down."

Here are the specially selected 16 paintings from this exhibition that are the now available to buy.  Simply click on each painting to send an email to Tricia or Emz and arrange payment and delivery.  Please do contact us if you have any questions about the paintings - Emz on emily@emzfinchart.co.uk and Tricia on triciamoss17@yahoo.com

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Use the links below to see more of Emz's #GreenLondon work and Tricia's wonderful abstracts. Get in touch if you have any questions about our work.


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